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Together with the team of architects and designers, Vittorio Carena Studio fulfills every creative aspect of the Retail, Interior, Product Design and Digital Projects.


VCS Studio is an architectural firm based in Milan, Italy. It was founded by Vittorio Carena in 2009 and it operates projects in Italy and abroad. 


The studio focus on architecture and interior design, exploring various scenarios: from residential to commercial projects, from retail projects to showrooms and from product design to digital project areas. 

VCS Studio is a clear example of how distinctive skills, professionalism and collaboration at several levels can coexist and play a fundamental role in an extremely competitive design sector, where creativity is the basis around which all activities revolve. 




The fundamental point of the work is understanding the customer needs and interpreting them in the most elegant, functional and innovative way.


As VCS Studio, the unique mind and professionalism are not our only considerations. We believe also the importance of 

the mixing of skills, creativity and of course, the most precise expression of the requirements and wishes expressed by

the customer.  The works operated by VCS Studio are the result of

a continuous research on spaces and materials.

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